Tuesday, October 11, 2011

November sales, 2011

Hello. I will be selling pots in November

  --  on November 5, at the Marie Curie Elementary School , 4080 Governor Drive, University City in San Diego. Hours: 9-3. Parking is off the side street. I'll be in the northeast corner of the booth area.

  --  on November 19 at the People's Organic Food Market, 4765 Voltaire St. in Ocean Beach, in San Diego. Hours:11-4. Booths on the sidewalk next to the store and parking lot.

  --  on November 20 at the Encinitas Fall Festival, on Hwy 101 between H and I Streets, facing inland. Hours: 9-4. Come walk down the middle of the highway and pay a visit.

Come by and see if there is anything you like. Or just to say, really loudly, "Wow, look at this!!"

Sunday, October 2, 2011


Hello. This is a new blog about my pottery and pot making, for friends, potters, buyers. I am new to blogging. Please tell me if you find mistakes.

I am after function and grace in pots, not asking much. I do understand it takes time to do this well and people make pots for their whole lives. I've started late, but why not be ambitious?

People have been making pottery for at least 10000 years, all over the world. There must be hundreds of traditional styles and ways of making, as well as individual variations and inventions. It's huge field. What a pleasure to join it, to look around and see no end of things to learn, try, and develop.

Here are a few pieces I've got available now.   These cups are made in porcelain, fired to cone 10, so about as durable as pottery will be.

And this fish is low-fired, just at 1800 degrees rather than 2350 degrees. Sounds still plenty hot, but not so tough. Not likely to be so handled and washed.