Monday, October 13, 2014

Wonderful Pots

It's good to take a step back every so often, and notice, not what I make, but what I love. It gives a very clear sense of a goal, where I want to develop as a potter. I'd like to share with you some of what I find wonderful.

I'm not sure if it is legitimate to show pictures from other people's websites without their permission, so here are just the links. Have a look:

Jennifer McCurdy makes wild, carved, unglazed, porcelain sculptures based on bowl shapes. My first thought, at first sight, was "this is what patience looks like". Far more than patience:

Jennifer Lee also works from patience, slow, lovely, thoughtful, calm bowls as sculpture:

Linda Bloomfield's pots are more commercial, functional dishes sold personally and through large companies.  I love the simpler forms and cool color:

Sotis Filippides starts with bowls too, though he specializes in rough clay surfaces:

What's with all the Brits? Just that I have the frequent opportunity, though my husband's annual British workshops, to go to England, and I visit potters.

How about a wonderful local potter?  Check out the work of Roberta Klein for elegant form and fabulous glazes/glazing: Look in the members list.

So what are the goals for me? To make elegant light smooth form, with glaze as a supporting element. An aesthetic goal; whether the pot has other functions is not the point  --  surprise.

Specifically, there's something heart lifting for me about bowls that start from a narrow base and flare upward lightly. Time to practice that.