Sunday, July 28, 2013

2 Sales Coming Up

Next weekend, I've got 2 craft sales, actually. Please come by if you are interested.

Friday August 2
Liberty Station, Barracks 15, room 205
This sale shows work by people who were part of the UCSD Crafts Center and benefits our efforts to reopen it.

Sunday August 4
North Park Craft Mafia...
parking lot of the birch theater on 29th St., just south ofUniversity

Just really noticed the previous post. Messed up layout, sorry. Please ignore.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

New Pots, New Sale

New pots again. It's always fun, though more when they come out well. The little ones were good, the bigger ones, ouch. Smaller quantities of glaze take different application techniques and skills; there's no end of things to learn. Hurray, along with the ouch.

I'll bring the best of these, and others to a sale on Sunday, August 4: The Summer Cement Craft Block, in the Birch Theater parking lot. That's 29st and North Park Way, San Diego, in North Park, just off 30th and University. They promise parking. It'll run 10-5. And no, I don't know what the cement is about.

I like this shape a lot. I think I really like the color.

An ok version of the shape. The glaze job would have been better...

I've used the green glaze before, far better on a white clay like this one.

I learned this shape, without leaf, in a class, have made variations on it for some time. Is the leaf overload? I like it, maybe smaller next time. An surprise, after years of enjoying colorful glazes; the white is wonderful for a complex pot. Eva Zeisel, my hero, invented (reinvented, surely) white pots in mid-20th century. It very much makes for a focus on form, which is what I most care about.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Something Really New vs Lots that Varies

I've tried something really new to me, and like it. This feels extremely different from what I usually do: repeating forms I know, and slowly developing improved (I hope) variations on them.

How do you get into something new? In this case I was asked to make it by someone who does not know what I do not know. Not intending to charge for it,  and with no deadline, I could easily, though with warnings, say yes.

I've never made tiles before, nor designed a tile layout. How do you learn? On the web, of course, where there are infinite "how to" pottery videos.

This panel goes into a kitchen, near the beach, with 3x3 blue tiles already in it, and tan and white cabinets and trim. OK. Here I've made more-or-less 3x3 tiles, in similar colors, thinking beach. Shells for impressing the tiles from the local beaches, and our and in-laws' trips over several decades. Sandy grout, beach pebbles. OK results for a first try.

And it opens my possibilities wider than I have been thinking. That's wonderful. Thanks, Chuck.