Wednesday, August 12, 2015

"I'm Go glad I Bought It From the Potter."

I've been enjoying the pleasure of customers who like what they've bought. Recently I've heard comments like this from several. "I'm so glad I wandered into the sale and by your booth."

They make me think about the link between the maker and the user. Perhaps it could be the same in all fields, between the cook and the eater, the performer and the audience, the builder and the resident. I think we are more aware of that link when we are in the same place or when you take the product from my hand into yours. It's a more personal link then. How many of us know the people who built our houses? Perhaps all those links were equally personal in the very old days when we all lived in villages, and all production was craft production.  Now we almost have to hunt for it. And we find it special when we are that close to each other  --  in small venues, where we can see the dancers sweat!

I first learned to like selling pots in a sale of student and teacher work at the UCSD Craft Center; working my "shift" I looked up when someone said in great delight "I'm taking THIS one", and saw the person waving my pitcher. The pot then stands on its own, goes on from my hands into a sort of life of its own, joins your life.  Wonderful!