Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Need Christmas Presents?

If handmade pottery comes to mind, I'll be at craft sales the 3rd weekend in November:

Lindbergh-Schweitzer Elementary School in Clairemont, San Diego
November 21, 9-3. This is a friendly PTA fundraiser, lots of varied crafts, fairly low priced.

Talmadge Art Show, Liberty Station, San Diego
November 22, 10-4. Very classy crafts, some pottery and glass, lots of jewelry and beautiful clothes.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Carving the Tops, Take 3 at Least

All this year I've been trying variations on carving irregularities into the tops of bowls and vases. Here are the latest versions.

 I am learning that it works better on pots with certain proportions: relatively narrow tops or something I haven't figured out yet. I like these vases. I think I like the bottom one best, the rounded shape and the complicated carving. 

These are glazed only on the inside. The more interesting the clay, the better they work. Or do the variations in the clay color (mix different colored clays), and the horizontal lines from the clay moving on the wheel actually distract from the emphasized top rim?

Perhaps they look better, taller. I'll try that next. How marvelous that there is no end to possibility and learning.