Friday, September 19, 2014

Del Mar Taste and Art Stroll

Sound yummy? I expect to be there, with pots. It's in the middle of the street, the 101 in Del Mar south of 15th Street. Sunday October 5, 10-5.

 Come by, I'll bring an extra chair.

Monday, September 1, 2014

How about Salt Dishes?

Do we need salt dishes? I've always used salt shakers. But there are all sorts of wild salts available now, and half the fun of them is how unusual they look. Get them out of the shaker to see them.

 I got the idea of making salt dishes from a spice seller at a farmers' market; she uses them to offer samples of her spice mixes. Of course, not just for salt.

From the idea to a form that works takes awhile. I've found only some knob shapes work well with slippery gloss glazes on this small scale.

This one is too wide at the base; fingers slide off.

 I've found the spoons slide down out of reach in empty dishes; that may not matter for use, but it does for displaying the dishes for sale.

This one is long enough, and why not a twist?

And there's definitely a better aesthetic quality in 2 loosely fitting bowls (one for bottom, one for top), like the picture above, over a bottom and top with fitted  edges, like a jar.

That maybe an effect of the scale; too much edge , not enough pot.

The scale is fascinating. These are the first miniatures I've made since a class assignment. It sure feels odd to make them, like sewing doll clothes perhaps. The object is tiny, but the fingers are the usual size. It takes a very different touch.

Salt dishes also attract people who like miniatures, something I've not been very aware of. People buy them for salt and spices, and the bigger bowls for dipping sauces.  I started with these, more than 2 inches across, without spoons.

 But some people choose them because they simply love tiny containers, and little girls are enchanted. Salt dishes seem to be "adorable".

On the other hand, I had a dream last night in which someone was using my salt dishes to murder people, and the police came by to check on my materials. (In waking life, no I do not use poisonous glazes.) Doesn't this make you want one?